Here are excerpts from the Philadelphia magazine cover story about the struggles of Andy and Tammy Reid as they dealt with the drug-related arrests and convictions of their two eldest sons, Garrett and Britt. The magazine is set to be on newsstands Wednesday.

Author Robert Huber said the Reids and attorney Paul Rosen were allowed to read the article beforehand and made what he called minor changes. Andy Reid indicated yesterday that the magazine also would contribute to a charity of the Reids' choice.

Tammy Reid on the frustration of Garrett's previous, unsuccessful rehabilitation:

"And you have no idea, as parents you have no idea what's right and what's wrong, what's going to work and what's not going to work. And so you take a stab at it, you talk to psychologists and psychiatrists and friends who have been through it, anybody, to come up with a solution, what you think is best, and it doesn't always work."

Andy Reid on allowing Garrett to live in Arizona and continue his rehabilitation on his own:

"The last six months there were a disaster. We were out of touch with him. I was, for sure. He called home only a handful of times. And never to me. It just fell apart. In Arizona, he was living out of his car."

Tammy Reid:

"I said, Garrett, if you could have any wish in the world, what would it be? He was crying and said, I wish I'd never done drugs, and could come home and start over."

Andy Reid when asked what he learned about himself during the experience:

"You put it all out on the table. As a parent, if you can't do that with them, then there is going to be a wall. And so we both put it out on the table. Every emotion, you go through every emotion you can imagine, you go back to when you were a kid and work to the present, the whole shebango. It was a great experience. I'm not saying it was fun - but it was an unbelievable experience, an emotional roller coaster."