Ron Guidry, dismissed as the Yankees' pitching coach after two seasons, has been sitting home in Louisiana, waiting for a job offer.

From whom? How about the Yankees?

"I would imagine probably I'll get a call and maybe be invited to spring training again," Guidry told the New York Times. Guidry has had a role with the Yankees every spring since his career ended in 1988. "So I'll just wait and see. If they don't call, I won't go. I've got to make sure that they want me to go."

Guidry said he had no offers.

Joe Torre, who signed a contract to manage the Dodgers after rejecting an offer from the Yankees, retained Rick Honeycutt as the pitching coach. Torre took along Don Mattingly and Larry Bowa from his Yankees coaching staff.

"I talked to Joe when he signed with the Dodgers," Guidry said. "But there were things going on with the Dodgers, and that was fine. Joe explained some things, and I said: 'Hey, that's fine. I didn't call to see if I can get a job. I just called to see how you were doing.' "

He still keeps up on Yankees news, including the possible trade with the Twins for Johan Santana. He is a fan of Santana, who, like Guidry, is a slightly built, hard-throwing lefty.

Although Guidry would not say whether he thought the Yankees should make the trade, he expressed some caution. Guidry did not pitch more than 200 innings until he was 27. Santana, 28, has exceeded 200 innings in four seasons.


* Indians reliever Juan Lara was moved to the Cleveland Clinic almost 1 month after he was injured in a car accident in the Dominican Republic.* Tommy Byrne, who fulfilled a boyhood dream by pitching for the Yankees and won a game during the 1955 World Series, died of congestive heart failure in Wake Forest, N.C. He was 87. *