THOSE GAUDY blue and yellow 75th anniversary duds that the Eagles wore back in September paid off with more than a victory over Detroit. They've been the one item selling out in the marketplace, said Modells marketing manager Derrick Morgan recently. "A majority of our stores sold out of the replica jerseys about a week or 2 ago," he said. "We have some authentics left, but the replicas literally blew off the shelves."

These uniforms received mixed reviews nationally when they were first released. Morgan noted that there has been no uniform reaction among the players he has met at various appearances. Some liked them, others didn't. "There is no inbetween," he said. "It's been kind of one end or the other."

Still, as the holiday shopping season rolled through the proverbial fourth quarter, the anniversary items began to disappear as quickly as Brian Westbrook darting through the line.

"Fans kind of realize, 'You know what, it's the end of the season, these items aren't going to be available any more this year,' '' he said. "So they want to get it while they can."

Banquet getting its lineup set

Seems like a good time to plug the 104th annual Philadelphia Sports Writers banquet. Scheduled for Monday, Jan. 28, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Route 70 in Cherry Hill, organizers have put together the usual mix of past and present stars.

Among the major award-winners will be Jimmy Rollins (outstanding pro), Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan (outstanding amateur), U.S. women's soccer team defender Carli Lloyd (native daughter), the 1972-74 Immaculata Mighty Macs (nostalgia team), Eagles tackle Jon Runyan (humanitarian) and Philadelphia University basketball coach Herb Magee (most coaching victories all-time, NCAA Division II). You'll have to wait until that evening to find out the Most Courageous winner, always an emotional highlight.

You don't have to wait to buy tickets, which are $75. To purchase them, contact Robbie Kenney at 609-702-7473 or at

- Paul Vigna

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