Patriots (-13) over GIANTS

It's not very often that a team or an individual gets a chance to put the word "ever" in front of or behind their name. New England will have a chance tomorrow night, and now that the NFL Network has relented, the entire country will get to see history. The Patriots would be the first team ever to finish the regular season at 16-0. Tom Brady could be the first QB ever to throw 50 TD passes. Randy Moss could be the first WR ever to catch 23 TDs. Brady will not let up, and we know that Bill Belichick ain't gonna, either; he never calls off the dogs. As for the New Yorkers, they're locked in at the No. 5 seed, have a bushel of injuries, and should rest players as the game wears on. There's no doubt New England will win this game and, in the process, cover this reasonable spread. After all, in games in which the Pats are favored by 16 or fewer, they've covered an astounding 13 of the last 14.

EAGLES (-7) over Bills

This last game, actually the last three, have been about Donovan McNabb proving he's not only capable of winning and wants to stay in Philly, but also that he might even recapture his Pro Bowl form. Since returning to the field, McNabb has thrown for 650 yards in three games, with five TDs and no interceptions and rushed for 101 yards on 19 carries. That smells almost like 2004. As for Buffalo, the season ended Sunday. The Bills were very emotional when Kevin Everett returned to the stadium, and it helped for a while. Then the Giants put the game on lockdown and the Buffs became invisible. They also lost All-Pro left tackle Jason Peters, which will put a serious kink in the rushing attack. With only seven wins in their last 23 games on the road over the last 3 years, Buffalo will be more worried about what club to hit from the fairway than what club they are playing at the Linc.

PACKERS (-4) over Lions

After rolling out to a 12-2 record, Green Bay was shocked, actually embarrassed, by Chicago Sunday, 35-7. There's no way that coach Mike McCarthy will allow the Packers to go into the playoffs with that kind of sour taste in their mouths. Neither will Brett Favre. The Pack has covered 11 of its last 14, while Detroit has covered only one of the last seven. And Green Bay is 15-0 at home in the regular season against Detroit since 1991.

BROWNS (-10) over 49ers

Very strange scenario here for Cleveland: No matter what the Browns do, win or lose, their playoff fate depends on Tennessee. Only if the Titans lose the late game at Indianapolis will Cleveland jump into the Super Bowl dance. But after the Browns lost to Cincy Sunday, we expect Romeo Crennel to have his troops ready against this San Francisco team, which could be starting the great Chris Weinke, who holds the NFL record for most consecutive losses by a QB (15).

Chargers (-8) over RAIDERS

We have come to make amends with Norv Turner. After busting his chops for most of the season, Double V has to offer a big, fat mea culpa to Norval Eugene Turner. He has San Diego thundering down the stretch like Secretariat, winning and covering five in a row. The last two have been truly exceptional, with a combined 74-17 edge over the Lions and Broncos. And the Lightning Bolts posted a 28-14 victory over Oakland in the first tango back in October.

COLTS (+6) over Titans

OK, we know the drill. Indy has clinched, can't move up or down, and will be resting people. Yet, it's impossible to believe that the Horseshoes, with a ridiculous 32-4 record at home since 2004, would be a home 'dog to Tennessee.

BRONCOS (+3) over Vikings

Minnesota could not get it done at home against Washington Sunday, and will need a miracle to get into the postseason. And Mike Shanahan ain't ready to give out any miracles.

I also like:

BUCCANEERS (+3) over Panthers

Bengals (-3) over DOLPHINS

REDSKINS (-9) over Cowboys

TEXANS (-6) over Jaguars

Saints (-2) over BEARS

Steelers (-3) over RAVENS

Seahawks (+1) over FALCONS

Rams (+6) over CARDINALS

Chiefs (+6) over JETS