The life of a long-snapper can be a long and prosperous one in the NFL as long as you can remain mostly unnoticed on game day.

Mike Bartrum, for example, spent 10 seasons in the NFL snapping on kicks, including seven seasons with the Eagles.

Now, Jon Dorenbos has a chance to hold down the job for the same amount of time. Thanks to his work in his first full season with the Eagles, he received a five-year extension from the team yesterday.

"Jon has been a very good long-snapper for us over the last year and a half," Eagles general manager Tom Heckert said. "Good, consistent long-snappers are hard to find, and we wanted to shore up that position for the next several years."

Dorenbos, 27, joined the Eagles late last November after Bartrum suffered a career-ending neck injury that ended his 119-game streak.

Bartrum was so consistent that he was a tough act to follow, but Dorenbos has had a solid season in the role.

"I've been happy," Dorenbos said. "There is a snap here and there that I would like to take back, but nothing bad came of it. They weren't too bad. I definitely feel like mentally the game has slowed down. I keep my heart rate down and that, for a specialist, is a key."

Dorenbos, who moonlights as a professional magician, was happy to get the first long-term extension of his career and is hoping he can duplicate what Bartrum did for the Eagles.

"This is the first time I've had security," said Dorenbos, who had previous stints with Buffalo and Tennessee.