Famed author Jose Canseco is going to write another book.

It will come out around baseball's Opening Day, and is slated to be titled "Vindicated," a sequel to "Juiced," which came out in 2005.

Canseco's lawyer, Robert Saunooke, told the New York Post and the New York Daily News that his client isn't satisfied with former Sen. George Mitchell's report concerning steroid and performance-enhancing drug use in baseball.

So who better to right this ship than Canseco, right?

"We had hoped that the Mitchell Report would have been more revealing," Saunooke said. "It basically ended up being nothing more than [Mitchell saying], 'I talked to a lot of people, some wouldn't talk to me and it's up to the commissioner.' "

You might remember Canseco was barred from entering the Dec. 13 Mitchell Report news conference because it was for media only. Canseco said many names were omitted, so his new book will name names.

If his goal is a good one, like trying to rid sports of illegal drugs, than good for him. But is that what he's after? Or is it the almighty dollar?

Dolphins react

When the Patriots beat the Giants on Saturday to complete their perfect regular season, naturally many of the member of the 1972 Dolphins team, which went 14-0 during the season and won the Super Bowl, were contacted.

Most were sincere in their congratulations, though quick to add that the Pats need to win the Super Bowl to achieve the same level of greatness the Dolphins did. The strangest reply came from former running back Mercury Morris, who said: "It doesn't matter to me whether or not they win them all because it doesn't affect anything we've done. When all the dust clears, the best they can do is to stand beside us, and in the end, that's not a bad thing. I will welcome them to the neighborhood with my Mr. Rogers sweater on, but first they have to get to the neighborhood." *

- Bob Cooney

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