Marty Biron

knows what it's like to take a shot off the face mask. Not surprisingly, he'd prefer not to experience it again.

The Flyers goalie took a slapshot off the right side of the mask midway into the first period of Tuesday's 6-3 victory over the Washington Capitals. Biron was stunned and received medical attention on the ice but finished the game.

"It hit me in the jaw and ear," Biron said yesterday. "When you get hit in the head, the mask remains, and the puck skips off the mask and deflects. But I turned my head sideways, and it hit me dead square on the side of the head. It gave me a feeling I didn't like. I saw a few stars."

He didn't mean Alexander Ovechkin, either. That is why trainer Jim McCrossin went onto the ice.

"It was kind of ringing, and when I took the mask off, the vibration and ringing stopped," Biron said. "You get back up and you know everything is OK. I don't think you know for 100 percent until later how you are feeling.

"I remember a time in junior [hockey]. I got hit hard, and then five, 10 minutes later, I could not remember what happened before, which was not a good sign."

Surprise shooter

He has nine shots in the series. But the guy who really surprised Biron in Game 3 was

Viktor Kozlov.

He nearly scored moments before the Flyers tallied their first goal.

"We don't see Kozlov shoot a lot of pucks, and he hit the [crossbar], which really surprised me," Biron said. "He's more of a passer, but he can shoot it. You have to expect a lot of different things from those guys."

Life and death

Earlier in the week, the team rejoiced after Biron's wife,

Anne Marie,

gave birth to a baby girl,

Emily Marie.

Yesterday, the players offered condolences to

Jaroslav Modry,

whose father,

Jaroslav Modry Sr.

, died late Tuesday after a lengthy battle with colon cancer in the Czech Republic.

Coach John Stevens said Modry could miss games, although he will be in the lineup tonight for Game 4. "We're waiting to see what happens," Stevens said.

Modry planned to go overseas to attend to matters, but was not certain when. "The organization will make sure he gets the opportunity to go back and pay his respects," Stevens said.

"Lots of people get affected by this," Modry said last month, referring to his father. "You take every day as a blessing."