Larry Brown resigned Thursday as 76ers executive vice president to pursue coaching opportunities, and yesterday the Charlotte Bobcats fired coach Sam Vincent after one season.

Are the two moves connected?

Anything is possible concerning the 67-year-old Brown, who has not coached since a 23-59 season with the New York Knicks in 2005-06.

The connection to Charlotte stems from Brown's long-term relationship with Michael Jordan, the Bobcats' managing member of basketball operations and a fellow University of North Carolina alumnus.

Neither the Bobcats nor Brown's agent, Joe Glass, shed much light on the situation.

"I got a call from a reporter this morning after the announcement about the firing of Sam Vincent, which I hadn't heard about," Glass said in a phone interview. "In 40-some-odd years, every time somebody gets fired from a job - whether it's high school, college, pros or overseas - I get calls."

But did he talk to the Bobcats?

"I don't comment who I talk to," Glass said.

Glass reiterated that Brown has many potential coaching options.

The Bobcats yesterday released this statement by Jordan on the firing of Vincent, who lasted just one year and had a 32-50 record:

"The decision to remove Sam as head coach after just one season was difficult, but it was a decision that had to be made because my first obligation is to do what is in the best interest of our team."

When asked whether Brown had been hired last night, B.J. Evans, the Bobcats' director of basketball communications, replied in an e-mail: "We have not hired a new head coach for the Charlotte Bobcats as of today."

- Marc Narducci