The NFL's labor situation could get more complicated this week.

The league's owners meet today in Atlanta and could vote to opt out of the labor contract. Such a move could signal a protracted period of labor tension and lead to a 2010 season without a salary cap and a potential work stoppage the following year.

The owners have until Nov. 8 to terminate the contract. Some would prefer to do so now and hasten the way for talks toward a new agreement to replace the 2-year-old contract that most owners feel has tilted too far toward the players, who get 60 percent of total revenues.

The official business of the meeting is to award the 2012 Super Bowl, with Indianapolis, Houston and Arizona vying for the game.


* Less than a month after the NFL reinstated Odell Thurman from his 2-year suspension, the troubled Cincinnati linebacker is out of a job. The Bengals staunchly supported Thurman during his suspension for violating the league's substance abuse and conduct policies, but waived him when he failed to attend the team's three voluntary on-field workouts last week, when he was in Georgia following the death of his grandmother.

* Linebacker Dan Morgan, who played 7 years with Carolina, retired 2 months after signing with New Orleans. Morgan missed the final 13 games of 2007 with a partial tear of an Achilles' tendon, and had at least five concussions in his career.

* Buffalo receiver Lee Evans confirmed the Bills have made him a contract offer that would prevent him from becoming a free agent following the 2008 season. *