First Inning

Phillies: Jimmy Rollins bunt-popped out to the pitcher. Shane Victorino lined out to center field. Chase Utley struck out looking.

Astros: Michael Bourn singled to right. Kazuo Matsui lined out to second base. Miguel Tejada grounded into a fielder's choice, shortstop to second. Lance Berkman doubled to left-center field, scoring Tejada. Carlos Lee flied out to center.


Second Inning

Phillies: Ryan Howard singled to right. Pedro Feliz singled to left. Geoff Jenkins walked. Greg Dobbs popped out to second. Carlos Ruiz singled to right, scoring Howard. Kyle Kendrick grounded into a fielder's choice, shortstop to catcher. Rollins grounded out, third to first.


Astros: Hunter Pence walked. Ty Wigginton singled to left. Brad Ausmus hit a sacrifice fly to right, scoring Pence. Roy Oswalt hit a sacrifice bunt, pitcher to second. Bourn struck out looking.


Third Inning

Phillies: Victorino hit an infield single to shortstop. Utley walked. Howard doubled to left, scoring Victorino. Feliz singled to center, scoring Utley. Jenkins hit a sacrifice fly to center, scoring Howard. Dobbs grounded out to first. Ruiz grounded out, first to pitcher.


Astros: Matsui flied out to center. Tejada grounded out, second to first. Berkman singled to center. Lee flied out to right.

Fourth Inning

Phillies: Kendrick struck out swinging. Rollins doubled to left-center. Victorino flied out to left. Utley struck out swinging.

Astros: Pence struck out looking. Wigginton doubled to right-center. Ausmus grounded out, short to first. Oswalt grounded out, short to first.

Fifth Inning

Phillies: Howard led off with a home run to left. Feliz lined out to second. Jenkins singled to left. Dobbs flied out to center. Ruiz struck out swinging.


Astros: Bourn singled to left. Matsui flied out to left. With Tejada batting, Bourn stole second. Tejada fouled out to the catcher. Berkman popped out to short.

Sixth Inning

Phillies: Kendrick singled to left. Rollins grounded into a double play, first to short to pitcher. Victorino singled to left. Utley flied out to center.

Astros: Lee was hit by a pitch. Pence singled to left. Wigginton doubled to left, scoring Lee and Pence. Ryan Madson entered in relief of Kendrick. Ausmus hit a sacrifice bunt, pitcher to second. J.C. Romero entered in relief of Madson. Geoff Blum, pinch-hitting for Oswalt, singled to left, scoring Wigginton. Bourn struck out swinging. Matsui grounded into a fielder's choice, short to second.


Seventh Inning

Phillies: Wesley Wright relieved Oswalt. Howard struck out swinging. Feliz lined out to left. Jenkins lined out to third.

Chad Durbin relieved Romero; Jayson Werth went to right field.

Astros: Tejada flied out to left. Berkman doubled to right. Lee grounded out to third. Pence fouled out to catcher.

Eighth Inning

Phillies: Pat Burrell, pinch-hitting for Dobbs, homered to left. Fernando Nieve relieved Wright. Ruiz walked. Werth grounded into a fielder's choice, Ruiz out at second. Rollins singled to left, Werth to second. Tim Byrdak relieved Nieve for Houston. Eric Bruntlett ran for Werth for Philadelphia. Victorino popped out to shortstop. Utley singled to right, Bruntlett scored, Rollins to third. Howard struck out swinging.


Astros: Tom Gordon relieved Durbin. So Taguchi went to left and Bruntlett went to right for Philadelphia. Wigginton struck out swinging. Ausmus flied out to right. Darrin Erstad hit for Byrdak and flied out to left.

Ninth Inning

Phillies: Oscar Villarreal relieved Byrdak for Houston. Feliz walked. Taguchi grounded into a fielder's choice, Feliz out at second. Chris Coste hit for Gordon and singled to right-center, Taguchi to second. Ruiz flied out to center. Bruntlett popped out to shortstop.

Houston: Brad Lidge relieved Gordon. Bourn struck out swinging. Matsui grounded out to third. Tejada singled to right. Berkman flied out to center.