One thing you have to say about the Soul, it is a very innovative organization.

Team president Ron Jaworski last night said the Soul was exploring the possibility of playing a game next season at Citizens Bank Park. If the Soul can pull it off, it would be the first outdoor game in Arena Football League history.

"I think we'll get the blessing of the league," Jaworski said. "Based on what happened with hockey doing an outdoor game, it would be unique."

Jaworski was referring to the Jan. 1 game between the Penguins and Sabres played at Buffalo's Ralph Wilson Stadium, the home of the NFL's Buffalo Bills. That game set an NHL record with an attendance of 71,217.

"We're just trying to figure out how we can do it," Jaworski said.

The game would have to be held in March and before the Phillies arrive from spring training. Jaworski said 2009 is the target and he would love to have rival Dallas as the opponent.

The Soul organization is still hoping to bring the Arena Football League's championship game to the Wachovia Center as early as 2009.

Jaworski credited the team's leadership, starting with majority owners Jon Bon Jovi and Craig Spencer, for thinking outside the box.

"Jon is a creative guy, so is Craig," Jaworski said. "We've got a great general manager in Rich Lisk. We sit around, shoot the breeze and think of things that are a little different. We're not afraid to take chances." *