No sport cherishes its stadiums more than baseball. Yankee Stadium. Fenway Park. Wrigley Field. Dodger Stadium. They are the revered, the respected elder statesmen, and the mere mention of those places invokes images of warm summer days and trips to the ballpark that seem to stay with you forever.

During the last two decades, from Philadelphia to Seattle, from Baltimore to San Francisco and beyond, a new group of stadiums were built. They are among some of the most beautiful ballparks in the land, built to be functional, convenient and entertaining.

The list of new major-league stadiums has grown this spring with the opening of Nationals Park in Washington.

Any time a new ballpark opens, folks invariably compare it to others. They wouldn't be sports fans if they didn't.

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Jim Salisbury has visited every stadium in the major leagues, including the new one in Washington last week, and offers his rankings inside on Page