LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. - Despite the 76ers' stirring late-season run and solid playoff showing, Ed Stefanski knows there are still holes on the roster to fill.

The Sixers' president and general manager is confident the Sixers can do just that. They hold the No. 16 pick in the June 26 NBA draft.

Stefanski, in Orlando this week attending the NBA's predraft camp and competition committee meetings, is eager to upgrade a Sixers team that ranked last in the NBA in three-point shooting this season.

The Sixers could have interest in West Virginia sharpshooter Joe Alexander or Arizona shooting guard Chase Budinger, but they may have to choose between Memphis' Chris Douglas-Roberts or Kansas' Brandon Rush if Alexander and Budinger are off the board early.

"We need a shooter, we need a [center or power forward], and maybe down the line we need a point guard, too," Stefanski said after watching the first night of drills among the 64 players trying to work their way into the first round of the draft. "This draft is deep enough that we think we can get the best player available and pick for a need, too.

"I don't know if we'll get a guy who can step in right away, but we feel comfortable that we'll get a player to add to the team. With all of the young guys that we have, starting [in the rotation] right away may be difficult."

Stefanski was mildly upset by the number of players who pulled themselves out of the predraft camp, opting to work out for teams individually. In hopes of getting more players to compete in the predraft camp, the NBA no longer allows players to work out for teams before the camp. Players cannot start holding individual sessions with teams until Tuesday.

One such player whom Stefanski hoped to watch this week was Florida center Marreese Speights, a raw, 6-foot-10, 250-pounder who blossomed into an interior force this season. Speights pulled out of the predraft camp earlier in the week, feeling he had secured a top-20 selection.

"There are a few guys here who we'll give a look to, but there are a few who decided not to come and that's a shame. Just a shame," Stefanski said.

The predraft camp runs through Friday, with three games a day starting today. Expected top picks Derrick Rose, Michael Beasley, Brook Lopez, O.J. Mayo, Kevin Love, Eric Gordon, Jerryd Bayless, Russell Westbrook, D.J. Augustin and Alexander are not competing in the camp, but they are scheduled to arrive later in the week for physical testing and a session with the media.

"The draft is deep," Stefanski said. "There are obviously two guys on top [Beasley and Rose] who are franchise guys, and the rest of them are good players."

The GM would not mind if a prize prospect slipped to the 16th slot. "We're hoping that that happens, and in a lot of drafts it does," he said. "A lot of it is in the eye of the beholder. Who really knows until three years later if the guy that you picked was the right pick?"