Fans may love Eagles training camp because they get to see the players up close and personal.

Coaches may love training camp because they get to evaluate the players under extreme conditions.

But Eagles running back Brian Westbrook is not a big fan of the annual trek to Lehigh University.

"I don't know many people who enjoy training camp," Westbrook said. "I definitely don't. If somebody does, I wish they'd help me out. I talk to different people around the league, and coaches do it different ways. Some coaches hit, and some coaches don't."

The Eagles, under coach Andy Reid, hit more than most.

"I honestly believe just from talking to my friends across the league that Andy Reid runs one of the toughest training camps in the league," Westbrook said. "I talk to my brother [Byron], and he said [the Washington Redskins] don't hit at all.

"Every coach is different, and Coach Reid has had a lot of success doing it the way he's done it. But when I look at this team and the vets that we have and the guys in key positions, you wonder how much physical contact do they need? But you can't argue with success."

- Bob Brookover