BETHLEHEM - Agent Rich Moran confirmed that he met with Shawn Andrews over the weekend as scheduled, but beyond that, Moran offered no hope that the Eagles' prodigal right guard will be in training camp any time soon.

"We're working on taking care of things," Moran said last night. He would not elaborate on the "personal situation" that has kept Andrews away from Lehigh, even when a reporter referenced some of the more outrageous rumors floating around the Internet, and suggested that the truth could hardly be more damaging.

Moran would not say the situation is close to being resolved. Channel 10's John Clark reported that when he asked Andrews, in a text message yesterday, when the two-time Pro Bowler thought he'd be in camp, Andrews texted back: "I can't predict that."

Eagles president Joe Banner said nothing has changed from the team's perspective. The Eagles have called the absence unexcused. They have refused to confirm whether they are fining Andrews, who could be on the hook for more than $15,000 for every day he misses, with 4 days having already passed.

Meanwhile, Moran wasn't the only agent meeting with an Eagles client. Drew Rosenhaus, recently hired by disgruntled corner Lito Sheppard, visited Lehigh Saturday and sat down with Banner and coach Andy Reid. Banner said there was no change in the team's position that it isn't trading Sheppard and isn't redoing his contract. Reid told the Eagles' Web site the meeting was very positive.

"They were able to express their feelings and we were able to do the same. It was good, open communication," Reid said.

Sheppard said he spoke with Rosenhaus but they didn't discuss the agent's meeting with Banner and Reid.

"I'm still practicing," Sheppard said, when asked about the situation.

"I'm going to ask y'all a question," Sheppard said to two reporters, as he climbed into his 4x4 pickup. "Y'all posted this - y'all said I'm trying to prove I'm a starter. I'm not trying to prove I'm a starter; I am a starter. So I think y'all need to recorrect that quote."

He's certainly a starter right now, with Asante Samuel still sitting out. The Eagles said yesterday that Samuel's MRI showed a mild hamstring strain. Samuel seemed to be walking without a limp when he bounded into Sheppard's truck to head back to the dorms after the morning practice.

Defensive coordinator Jim Johnson said he didn't think the injury was setting Samuel back too much in terms of learning the Birds' defense.

"He's staying in the meetings, and from what I saw . . . before he got injured, I saw him really learn the defense. I think he's comfortable with the defense . . . He's been in this league a while, as long as he stays up and learns the defense, I think he's going to be all right," Johnson said. *