A Philadelphia Police Department bomb squad detonated three suspicious packages at Citizens Bank Park this afternoon at 5, according to Phillies vice president Michael Stiles.

After the detonation, the area was given the all-clear and tonight's Phillies-Braves game will go on as scheduled at 7:05.

Police said the packages simply contained hot dogs.

"It appears they're the same hot dogs the Phanatic uses to shoot into the crowd," one investigator said.

It was unclear how, exactly, the packages ended up outside the stadium.

Stadium employees were evacuated after the packages were found about 4 p.m. Batting practice continued while the ballpark was cleared.

"Somebody walked by and said, 'That looks odd,' " Stiles said. "We're not experts. We called the police. This could be trash. We just don't know."

The packages were found on the first-base side, outside the stadium.