This is an excerpt from a blog post by Paul Vigna on Philly Fan Fare.

OFFICIALLY PUTTING a spade into the dirt at the site of the $115 million pro soccer stadium on Monday in Chester begins a new phase for a team that is scheduled to begin play in Major League Soccer in 2010.

Thomas Veit, of MLSPhilly2010, said that fans should know before the end of the year how much tickets will cost, then a name-the-team contest will follow early in the new year. By next spring, this franchise should have a name and what amounts to a logo and colors.

Veit said they've been reviewing the prices of MLS teams across the league as they land on a range of prices that appeals to all sectors of the base that they hope to attract.

"We want to make sure that everybody has an ability to come, regardless or price, and we want to make sure that people who want the amenities [can get them]," he said.

The franchise says that about 6,000 people have made deposits for tickets, which to this point have yet to be quantified. "The amazing thing about those seat deposits," Veit said, "is that they did it without knowing what the price of the tickets would be."

Meanwhile, officials continue to whittle down potential names. It hasn't been easy, Veit said. "Every name in the known universe is being used by someone, somehow, somewhere," he said. "Frankly, we started with over 135 names, and

we've been vetting them out between what ownership liked and other people we've talked to." The ultimate goal is to get it down to four possible names for the team that are not patented "or is close enough where we know we can get the trademarks and used them legally."

The plan, Veit said, is to launch the naming

contest sometime in January, and fans can vote online - and possibly through a sponsor if those arrangements are completed - for one of the four names, or they can submit one of their own. Once the name is chosen, they'll move on to how the jersey will look, including its colors, and what markings or badges will be included in the makeup of the uniform. *