Ed Barkowitz

Please file away the stupidity of 2008 for the next time a BCS proponent argues that the regular season serves as a playoff. The extra games required to hold a playoff would be too taxing on student-athletes, they say. If it's all about the kids, then how does this process serve the interests of the players at Texas, USC, Utah, Penn State and possibly Alabama? Oklahoma deserves to be in the Big 12 title game, but only to further expose what an atrocious system the BCS is. Sorry, Longhorns. It's your turn in the barrel.

Chuck Bausman

I love college football, at least the part that happens on Saturday. There's nothing like being in the Big House in Ann Arbor, with 109,000 of your closest friends. I do not love college football the other days of the week, when computers and sports writers are trying to outsmart themselves. Let's see, Texas beat Oklahoma on a neutral field and they finished with the same record. Doesn't winning head-to-head mean anything anymore? It should be Texas in the Big 12 title game, no doubt about it.

Bernard Fernandez

Yes, it's difficult to overlook the fact that Texas beat Oklahoma head-to-head. It's even more difficult to overlook the more compelling fact that the Sooners have beaten nearly every other common opponent worse than did the Longhorns. Either team would make a great Big 12 South representative, but give it to OU on style points.

Dick Jerardi

The fraud that is the BCS somehow makes something so simple into something so complicated. Two teams have same record. Team A beats Team B on a neutral field. Team B plays for the Big 12 championship. Makes perfect BCS sense. Anyway, even though Texas is Team A, I am happy Oklahoma is playing Missouri for the Big 12 title because, a) it shines light on the absurdity of the BCS; and b) my friend from South Philly, John Cicco, in addition to being the No. 1 fan of La Salle legend Kenny Durrett, also loves Oklahoma.

Mike Kern

I think Texas should be representing the Big 12 South in the conference title game against Missouri. Texas beat Oklahoma on a neutral field by 10 in October, and beat two Top 11 opponents (including Missouri, by 25) at home before losing on the final play at then-unbeaten Texas Tech. Are we to assume Texas wouldn't or couldn't beat Oklahoma again if they played tomorrow on a neutral field?