Running game counts

The Eagles' front seven will be very important this game, as it is no secret that the Giants want to run the ball. Few teams, in fact close to none, have been able to stop the Giants' rushing attack this season. If the Eagles are able to stop the Giants' rushing attack, Eli Manning is not good enough to beat them himself. Manning can put up numbers but lives off of the rushing attack that the Giants possess.

Brian Westbrook has had success in the past against the Giants, so there is no reason the Eagles shouldn't try to establish the run early again, which in turn will hopefully open things up in the passing game for Donovan McNabb.

The Eagles need this game to keep their season alive so they should come out fired up. Even though the Giants came into Philly and beat us already this season, the Eagles know the Giants well and won't be intimidated by the Giants' record. This should be a must-see game on Sunday.

Play Kolb

If the Eagles lose on Sunday, it would make sense to play Kevin Kolb for the season's final three games. It would be sad to see Donovan McNabb's tenure come to an end, but the 2009 season can't be the first time that Kolb gets extensive time under center. Before missing out on free-agent QBs, we gotta see if the kid can play.

And call it another hunch, but I have this feeling that the Favre/Rodgers saga is going to repeat itself in Philadelphia this off-season. McNabb can't match the legendary career of Favre, but he is still the best QB in Eagles history. He has been the franchise for the past 10 seasons. The man can still play and play at a level higher than Kolb. Sounds like Green Bay to me.

Fans will be questioning and cursing the Eagles' front office for not bringing McNabb back. Kolb's every move and pass will be compared to McNabb. McNabb's new team will be constantly compared to the Eagles. God help Kolb if the Eagles play like Rodgers' Packers this season and McNabb leads a Favre-like revival with his new team. Whether it's Kolb's fault or not, he will be blamed for the Eagles' struggles.

So even if the next four games of this season fail to live up to our expectations, we can at least expect an eventful off-season. And don't forget to savor every McNabb play this weekend. It might be our last time seeing great play from an Eagles QB for a while.

Tough call

So will Antonio Pierce sell out his boy in exchange for immunity? Tough, tough call. I mean, they are teammates and all that. And it's obvious they hang out. But does Antonio Pierce want to get in trouble as well? And not just fined-by-the-NFL trouble; this might be convicted-of-a-felony trouble.

These are some pretty serious questions, and I hope they weigh extremely heavily on Pierce's mind, every minute from now until about 4:30 p.m. on Sunday.

(After that, I'm not really interested.)

Likes Lowe

Looks like I called it! Derek Lowe would be great for several reasons. 1) He is a sinkerball pitcher in CBP . 2) He seems as safe a bet as anyone to be a quality starter for years. 3) He gives us another legit No. 2 guy if/when Myers leaves after this season. 4) It could free up someone like J.A. Happ to trade for some righthanded power. 5) Hamels/Myers/Lowe/Blanton is a heck of a rotation, and even with less offense it would be hard to imagine not being in contention all year with that staff. 6) Blanton is an average No. 3 starter, but an above- average No. 4 starter. 7) He will also help preserve the bullpen with a bunch of quality starts, so the move has a ripple effect that helps the entire staff.