Now, even Las Vegas is starting to believe in the Eagles.

Although they were seven-point underdogs at Giants Stadium yesterday, they are 13 1/2-point favorites against the Cleveland Browns for next Monday night's game after they beat the Giants, 20-14, and after the Browns lost by 28-9 to the Tennessee Titans.

"Their playoff hopes remain alive right now, and Cleveland doesn't have much to play for," said Jason Been, a Las Vegas sports consultant. "They've won their last two games, and Cleveland's also lost offensive weapons," Been said, referring to the losses of quarterbacks Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn.

Been mentioned that many people bet on yesterday's Eagles game, but there was equal money wagered on both teams.

Plaxico Burress' absence for the Giants didn't seem to have a big effect.

"People can speculate all they want on if that led to more Eagles bets," Been said. "I highly doubt it, though."

Elsewhere in the NFL, it was a normal day for the sports books. They did not win or lose big. The one game that had a big effect was Dallas' 20-13 loss at Pittsburgh because the Cowboys were favored by three points.

"The interception return at the end was not good for the books," Been said. "We would've preferred if Pittsburgh won by a field goal instead."

Been also said the Detroit Lions are favored to go 0-16. "I would estimate that you would have to put up $240 to win $100 in favor of them going 0-16," Been said.

Next Week

EAGLES          13½    Cleveland

CHICAGO       2½       New Orleans

Tampa Bay       NL      ATLANTA

Washington       NL       CINCINNATI

INDIANAPOLIS   NL       Detroit

San Diego       4½       KANSAS CITY

Green Bay       2       JACKSONVILLE

Seattle          3       ST. LOUIS

San Francisco      NL      MIAMI

N.Y. JETS       7       Buffalo

Tennessee      3½       HOUSTON

Minnesota       NL      ARIZONA

Denver         NL      CAROLINA

Pittsburgh       NL      BALTIMORE

New England       7½       OAKLAND

N.Y. Giants      NL      DALLAS