1.) Donovan Jamal McNabb wants nothing more than a Super Bowl victory for his teammates and the city of Philadelphia.

2) Donovan Jamal McNabb wants to retire as a Philadelphia Eagle.

Got it? Is the fan base OK? Is the media OK?

. . . This whole "will he stay/does he want to leave/is he happy/has he lost the locker room/does he like philly" [routine] is complete media-driven, fan-incensed nonsense. . . .

The media say: "OK, Philly wants him gone." . . . It's not fair, it's not entirely true. But it is true that McNabb has to deal with ridiculous questions about his future in Philly. Continually.

You can say that all the QBs deal with idiot fans that "call for their heads." But I don't remember the last news conference that Peyton Manning had to discuss his "future in Indianapolis." I don't remember the last news conference that Eli Manning had to discuss his "future in New York." I don't remember the last news conference that Jake Delhomme had to discuss his "future in Carolina."

No Plaxico, no chance

Thank you, Plaxico Burress.

In between backslaps and high fives, that was the message that rang out loud and clear in the visiting locker room after the Eagles' 23-11 upset of the Giants. Many key defensive figures said it was the absence of the brilliant wide receiver that allowed them to put together a dominant performance.

"When he's not there, they have a huge, huge part of their offense taken away," safety Brian Dawkins said.

The Giants have never really been the same since Burress was suspended after shooting himself in the leg at a Manhattan nightclub on Thanksgiving weekend. The Giants, after starting 11-1, lost four of their final five games, including their playoff opener. The Eagles, who beat them twice at Giants Stadium without Burress, again did everything they could Sunday to exploit his absence. . . .

Freed from having to worry about Burress, the Eagles basically decided to forget about a pass rush and instead concentrated most of their efforts against the run. Yes, the Giants did rush for 138 yards, but in the fourth quarter, they couldn't get them when they needed them.

"Because he's such a unique individual, there's no doubt that things change without Plaxico in there," Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson said. "Especially down in the red zone. We worry about certain kinds of coverages down there with Plaxico."

Two huge plays

When I think of this Eagles season, I think there are two plays that took place that have a lot to do with the Eagles being where they are. They probably aren't the plays you are thinking of, either.

First is Shayne Graham's missed 47-yard field goal at the end of overtime to get the Eagles a tie with the Bengals. Who was happy about that when it happened? . . . But, if he makes that, the Eagles don't get into the playoffs. The tie ended up getting them in.

Second is Kevin Kolb's pick-six to Ed Reed against Baltimore. . . . If Kolb throws a TD there, who knows if McNabb gets the start against Arizona?