Ed Stefanski might as well have done this on his first day as the Sixers' general manager. I just heard . . . that Eddie Jordan has been given a three-year contract to be the Sixers' new head coach.


Jordan might do a great job, but this is the typical "hire who you know" move the NBA produces time after time. He previously worked with Stefanski in New Jersey.

Terrible move. I have a friend who is a big Wizards fan, and he used to tell me pretty much every day about how he hated Jordan and why. I can't understand how a guy with the talent he had in Washington couldn't do anything. There were three guys I would have liked ahead of him.

Probably 5th or 6th on my list. Kind of disappointing. However, I'll give him every chance to prove himself to me before I call it a bad move.

I will be extremely curious if Tom Thibodeau gets a head coaching gig in Sacramento. If not, I will be extremely curious as to why this guy keeps getting passed over. I give him the benefit of the doubt because everyone raves about him. But something clearly is turning other GMs off. What is it?

Swing and a miss. A month for that outcome? Birds of a feather flock together. ES just sealed his GM doom. Eddie Jordan has the dynamic energy and charisma of wet cardboard. Coming to an arena near you: more of the same. . . . Greatly disappointing choice.

If he can hold Lou Williams accountable for his quick shots and Thad for his defensive lapses and maybe even get consistent play from Sammy, then he's my man!

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Great move by the Sixers. I have a lot of respect for Eddie Jordan!

If anyone remembers the Mutombo era in New Jersey then it's happy days all over again because the Jordan hiring means that Sammy's days are numbered. You can't have a stupid, butterfingered, terrible passing big man in this system.

The best choice out of a lackluster group of candidates.

Was this a fill the NBA quota move? Eddie Jordan has no business coaching the Sixers if he couldn't win in Washington.

He'll be out in 2 years anyway when this team continues with their same inconsistencies as they always do.

They need more than just a change at coach.

Thanks a lot Ed. Hiring a career loser. Good thing you fired Maurice Cheeks. I won't be renewing my season tickets, that's for sure.

Eddie Jordan. Are you kidding me? How about Doug Moe. Wasn't he available? No renew on the season tickets for me, either.