Thus does my DeSean Jackson man crush deepen

You know, for a 22-year-old kid, this DeSean Jackson sure does seem to have the PR stuff figured out.

The CamelCased One responded to Osi Umenyiora's comments regarding whom the Giants "should" have beaten last year and really didn't hit a wrong note. He said nice things about Umenyiora (check), noted that the comments really weren't such a big deal (check), emphasized the importance of teamwork and confidence (double-check) and still managed to politely nod in the general direction of the scoreboard (without beating his chest like Antonio Pierce, check).

We'll dock him two points for usage of the term "house," but even with the deduction, he still earns a solid A-minus. Somewhere, Crash Davis is smiling.

DeSean, I'm inches from pulling the trigger on a green No. 10 shirt (and it's June 2). Keep it up and I'll hit the buy button before training camp.

Where's Brown?

Two important veterans were missing from [yesterday's] Eagles OTA workout. Sheldon Brown was missing because of his unhappiness with his contract, and Brian Westbrook has an injured ankle.

Head coach Andy Reid wasn't all that thrilled about talking about Brown's absence, but he didn't have much of a choice. He said that he would have liked the veteran cornerback to be here, but it meant somebody would have a chance to step in while he was out. Nobody knows where this is headed. Brown could wind up holding out of camp, but we'll have to wait and see.

Veteran Ellis Hobbs started at the left corner in Brown's place. He said he looks at this situation as a opportunity for him.

According to head coach Reid, Westbrook injured his ankle last week and had it treated by the teams training staff.

Rookie running back LeSean McCoy took most of the snaps in place of Westbrook. Lorenzo Booker took the snaps behind McCoy.

Brown may not be doing the best thing for himself right now. If Hobbs or anyone else shines enough, he'll have the Lito treatment this coming year.

Unfortunately, not very many veteran corners that the Eagles have let go of have done well elsewhere. I like Brown a lot, but part of the reason is because I always thought he was different. I understand he has to get a better deal, and I'm all for it. But taking a risk like this isn't the right way, I think.

Looks like Sheldon is benching himself. What an idiot move. Doesn't he know this will make his value go down? I guess Troy Vincent's conversations with him only went far enough for him to stop whining in public. Trade him. I don't want a punk who doesn't want to be here. Especially one who doesn't get INTs or make Pro Bowls.