Question: Does the 76ers' hiring of Eddie Jordan as their new coach affect unrestricted free agent Andre Miller's decision whether to re-sign?

Answer: Apparently not.

"My problem isn't the coach, it's the economy," Miller's agent, Andy Miller, said, laughing.

More seriously, Andy Miller said, "Andre knew what was going on. Ed [Sixers president/general manager Stefanski] texted him, and Andre didn't seem to have any issue [with the choice]. I don't think it dawned on him as a factor."

Nor, seemingly, does Jordan's plan to implement the pass-and-cut Princeton offense.

"As a veteran point guard who is accustomed to running a team, how does that really affect him?" Andy Miller said. "I didn't address that with Andre."

Andy Miller believes that "everyone will have interest" in his client and that the struggling economy clearly will be a factor.

"But the value of what he has done for the Sixers franchise is also a factor," Andy Miller said. "You can't underestimate that. I think they would be hard-pressed to find a significant replacement based on the economy or the production element. And I'm saying that, knowing that I represent [Virginia Commonwealth point guard] Eric Maynor. I don't think you can ask a rookie to go in and do what Andre has done."

Maynor could be one of a number of point guards and shooting guards who might be available when the Sixers pick at No. 17 in the June 25 draft.

As for the conventional thinking that Andre Miller's defense dropped as the season wore on, Andy Miller said: "You could say the overall team defense fell off, because it takes a number of people to play it, not just one guy. You could also say his offense was superior and his organization of the offense was superior, and maybe that evens out at the end of the day." *

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