There will be no hiding LeSean McCoy on the bench. At least it's a whole . . . lot less likely now. Brian Westbrook drew some interest [Tuesday] when he did not practice due to an ankle injury, but [yesterday] you can officially become concerned.

According to the Gunner, BWest is expected to be sidelined until the beginning of the regular season after an examination [yesterday] by a specialist, and he may need to undergo a procedure to clean up the damaged ankle.

It's not at all uncommon for Westbrook to sit out most of the preseason, so it's not time for full-on panic just yet. That said, there have been lingering questions about the runner's overall condition stemming from multiple injuries last year, and those have been compounded by the fact he is about to eclipse the magical 3-0, the age that has signaled major decline in many premier backs.

Based on that knowledge and his history of knee and ankle injuries, it's becoming more and more difficult to see the silver lining.

It also suddenly places the selection of McCoy in a different light. The emphasis pre-draft was on finding a complement to No. 36, but instead the rookie could find himself in position to make an immediate contribution, perhaps even as the starter. The two have a very similar skill set, so we can only hope McCoy is able to pick up the playbook and fill in right away if necessary.

The Eagles may need to add a veteran runner such as a Deuce McAllister, or, more likely, Edgerrin James.

This is why everyone was wanting them to pick up another back in the off-season. They definitely needed more depth at the position. And God forbid we have to see Lorenzo Booker carrying the ball at all.

How the hell are people tired of McNabb, but they aren't tired of this guy?

You can be (obscenity) Superman but if you only play 50% of the time because you're hurt, you're useless as far as I'm concerned.

This certainly isn't good news, but I have confidence that Westbrook is capable of coming in at the start of the regular season and making an impact.

Where's Dorsey Levens?