DONOVAN McNABB'S focus, understandably enough, was charity work this weekend as his Donovan McNabb Foundation celebrated its 10th year.

McNabb, several teammates, and some Temple players were at the NovaCare Complex on Saturday for the seventh All-Star Kids Clinic, featuring 300 boys and girls ages 11-14, selected by local community groups and event sponsors.

Gov. Rendell and Eagles coach Andy Reid made introductory remarks. (Rendell passed up the chance to critique Reid's play selection.)

The Eagles' quarterback, however, did answer questions from a group of local reporters for the first time since Super Bowl week, and that meant attention to football issues.

Asked about the contract reworking that apparently is in the works, McNabb said: "That'll take care of itself, I think."

McNabb began the offseason stating he wanted reassurance from the front office and from Reid about where he stood going forward, in the wake of his benching for the second half of a Nov. 23 loss at Baltimore. The contract talks might be part of that reassurance, but as he prepares for the 2009 season, does McNabb feel he knows where he stands? Reid told Daily News reporters last week that it wasn't an issue between them.

"I'm standing here right here in front of you guys," McNabb joked. Looking down at his feet, he added, "I think I'm pretty balanced."

Pressed for a more serious answer, McNabb said: "The [comfort level] is the fact that I'm here with the kids. It's all about the kids, and the [players] that are here to support them."

McNabb was asked what it meant to him to hold his charity weekend in Philadelphia. He lives here during the season but his family is from Chicago and he spends his offseasons in Arizona.

"I want people to understand that I truly care about the people who support what I do," McNabb said. "I'm just giving back and showing support for them, as well."

Asked about Brian Westbrook's ankle surgery, which apparently will keep Westbrook out of the preseason, McNabb said: "I think Brian will be fine. Obviously, we want him to be healthy and ready to go [for the regular season] and I think he'll be able to do that."


The Eagles announced they have agreed to terms on 4-year contracts with three of their draft picks, fifth-round defensive back Victor "Macho" Harris, fifth-round offensive tackle Fenuki Tupou and sixth-round wide receiver Brandon Gibson. *

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