The 76ers have wasted no time trying to acquire a much-needed shooter under Eddie Jordan's new offense and have acquired shooting guard Jason Kapono in a trade straight up for Reggie Evans.

Although Reggie Evans is the man and a fan favorite, it seems like a pretty good move to bring in a guy who can come off the bench and knock down three pointers, much like Kyle Korver could.

Kapono is 28 years old, and is a 45.4 percent career three-point shooter. This is a huge need for the Sixers since they have finished dead last in the NBA in three-point shooting the last two seasons.

We don't expect Kapono to start, and it is definitely a good move. However, we would still like to see something done so Willie Green is not the starting shooting guard next season. Either way, it is a good jump to the off-season under Eddie Jordan, and hopefully the Sixers are able to make their team even stronger come the draft.

Ibanez vs. blogger

A blogger suggested that [Raul] Ibanez' monster year will "immediately generate suspicion" for [performance enhancing drugs]. Ibanez took umbrage.

A few thoughts from the perspective of a Phillies fan and a blogger:

I love the fact that Ibanez has stood up and volunteered to be tested. I wish more players would do that when they are suspected or accused. There are certainly cases of false bravado, where players will ask to be tested knowing full well no one will show up with a urine cup (see: Sammy Sosa).

But this is at least better than ignoring the accusation (see: Mark McGwire) or apologizing for something (see: Jason Giambi). . . . Ibanez is wrong to call the blogger or his post "pathetic and disgusting" and even more inaccurate to suggest "accountability for people who put that out there."

This blogger did not accuse Ibanez of taking steroids. He merely commented on the suspicious tendencies of fans around the country who have seen the effects of PEDs on baseball. This blogger did not put this "out there." He's not responsible for this. He's accountable for nothing. The players are responsible.

Brady Anderson, Brett Boone, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez and the rest. The owners are responsible. The commissioner is responsible. Where's the accountability for these people? Ibanez' anger, while totally justified, is misdirected.

Ibanez did go as far to call the guy something like a 42-year-old loser in his mother's basement. That's a blogger stereotype that just isn't true.


Like I said, just isn't true.

It's laughable that baseball players, after what we all know about steroids, . . . would get angry at someone suggesting that they might still be used.