Some internal restructuring within Comcast-Spectacor has cost 11 employees their jobs, including 76ers public relations manager Pete Sousa, according to president and chief operating officer Peter Luukko.

Sousa said he was told of the move yesterday afternoon.

"We had a couple areas where we felt we were duplicating efforts, where we felt we had to be more efficient," Luukko said.

Luukko insisted the layoffs were not related to problems with the economy. No other Sixers or Flyers employees were laid off.

"This is 11 people out of a company of 600," Luukko said. "We've done this when times are good. If it were due to the economy, I would tell you."

Luukko said: "This is not like a major restructuring. We just felt there was some inefficiency in some departments. It's not pleasant. I don't like it." *