LIKE BO JACKSON, Anthony Scirrotto knows football. He knows baseball, too.

Yesterday, Scirrotto was one of a couple dozen undrafted rookies trying out for the Carolina Panthers. However, if he doesn't make the cut, he may have a career in baseball.

Scirrotto, who played both sports at West Deptford (N.J.) High, was drafted by the Kansas City Royals last week.

So there is a similarity between Jackson - who was also drafted by the Royals - and Scirrotto.

"I love Bo Jackson," Scirrotto told the Associated Press yesterday. "If it really came down to it and I had to hang up the cleats, I'm young and I'd love to keep playing sports."

Scirrotto, it should be noted, is not comparing himself with Jackson, who played running back for the Los Angeles Raiders and was an outfielder for the Royals.

Jackson, afterall, was the top pick of the 1986 NFL draft and was a fourth-round pick by the Royals.

Scirrotto, who played safety at Penn State, was undrafted by the NFL and wasn't taken by the Royals until the 50th - and final - round.

"[Football] is my first priority, I want to play football," Scirrotto said after yesterday's workout. "But I look at [baseball] as a business opportunity."

Keep the suit, we'll take the glove

Fred Goldman wants the suit off O.J. Simpson's back. But he won't get it without a fight.

Goldman is the father of Ronald Goldman, who was killed alongside Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole, 15 years ago. He is still trying to recover the $33.5 million he was awarded in a wrongful-death civil trial against Simpson.

To that end, Goldman is seeking to acquire and sell the actual suit Simpson wore in court the day he was acquitted of murder charges.

Right now, Simpson's former agent Mike Gilbert has the suit, claiming the Hall of Fame running back gave it to him the day after the acquittal in October of 1995. But, a judge has told Gilbert to keep the suit in storage until it can be determined who rightfully owns it.

Stay tuned. *

- Tom Mahon

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