Friday is the first payday for Donovan McNabb under the terms of his reworked contract; the Eagles quarterback is scheduled to receive a $2.8 million roster bonus, according to the numbers made available to NFL agents, local agent Jerrold Colton said.

As reported earlier, McNabb stands to make about $5 million more overall than the $19.2 million he originally was scheduled to make under his 2002 contract. He also is believed to have about $1 million in incentives, but exactly how those work was not part of the data Colton received, he said.

Colton said the Eagles fully guaranteed the $9.2 million McNabb was scheduled to make this season. In addition to Friday's $2.8 million, McNabb can earn $500,00 by being on the 45-man active roster - that is, uninjured - for all 16 games. Each game he isn't active, he loses one-sixteenth of that total, or $31,250.

In 2010, McNabb was scheduled to make $10 million. Now, his base is just $5 million, with $3.5 million guaranteed, vs. nothing previously. There also is a $6.2 million roster bonus, payable May 5, and the same $500,000 clause for being active in all 16 games.

So, McNabb can make $12.5 million this year and $11.7 million in 2010, $24.2 million total, before the incentives. *

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CORRECTION: This story erred in identifying the source of contract information that was confirmed through agent Jerrold Colton. The information was not obtained through the NFL Players Association. (Correction added June 17, 2009)