Jimmy Rollins grew up in Oakland, an Athletics fan. His favorite player, which he loves to remind us all, is Rickey Henderson. Rickey Henderson is the greatest leadoff hitter of all time. That is not an opinion. That is a fact. The man got on base all the time, disrupted pitchers on the base paths and had an eagle eye at the plate, meaning he walked about a trillion times a year.

The fact that he is Jimmy Rollins' favorite player, his idol, drives me nuts. We all know Jimmy Rollins is sucking it up this year at the plate, despite the fact that stupid, moronic [people] keep voting for him for the All-Star Game. Hopefully, after people read this, they'll wake . . . up and stop voting for him immediately.

Trouble for Mets?

Rick Peterson just can't seem to quit the Mets.

The team's former pitching coach caused a stir [Monday] by passing along what he described as a "rumor" that Johan Santana's surgically repaired left knee is bothering him again.

Peterson, now out of baseball after being fired by the Mets along with Willie Randolph last June, said knee pain could explain Santana's string of bad outings and worrisome drop in velocity.

"I know it's been reported that he's had a blister on his middle finger, and that certainly can be a major, major detriment for a pitcher," Peterson told ESPN-AM (1050) [Monday] morning.

"And then there's been some rumors that you hear about his knee being a little bit bothersome right now.

"And when that starts to happen, when you've got a finger issue and you have that knee issue like he had before, you really start to get a little concerned about that."

What about Briere?

Switching my focus from the Flyers goalies, now it's time to start considering what's going to happen up front.

The on-going question is: what are we going to do with Danny Briere? (FYI: The Canadians don't want him.) He's a $6.5 mil cap hit for the next six years and, after his last two injury-ridden seasons, one has to wonder if his small frame (5-foot-10 and 180 pounds) can hold up for the entirety of his contract.

His no-movement clause is certainly going to cause some fits, but it's a relatively small concern compared to trying to convince another team to take the risk of his huge contract and small frame.

Pitching hurts Phils

The Phillies' struggles at home can be targeted at the pitching, but the offense has not played to their expectations at a place where they can easily light up the scoreboard.