Very quietly, Ryan Howard is steadily regressing back to the norm, which is a poor-fielding, low-average, strikeout-prone slugger. He committed his fourth error of the season [Tuesday] night and his third in as many games.

He's currently batting .256 with 19 home runs and 81 strikeouts (pace - 50 HR/212 K). He's received so much praise for an improved effort at the plate and field, but I'm beginning to think that may have been premature wishful thinking. The stats don't lie.

Joe Buck = Good TV?

Philly favorite Joe Buck has his own TV show now, Joe Buck Live. His first episode was a disaster, with Artie Lange of Howard Stern bashing Buck. So the final outcome - the show went well!

Joe Buck may hate Philadelphia, but we're having the last laugh. It was obvious Buck was rooting against the Phillies during the playoffs, but we would go on to win. It was even more obvious that he was uncomfortable conducting the first episode of his new show, as he took a verbal beating from Artie Lange - and it was great!

Dwight Howard not so super

The man with the million-dollar smile and the multi-million-dollar contract sat on the podium, taking questions from reporters just minutes after a discouraging Game Five no-show, in which his team's season was on the line (but you would have never knew it by the way he played). You could see his frustration, but you couldn't tell if he was crushed.

Dwight Howard may be called Superman, but for much of these NBA Finals he was anything but. And if Superman was selfless, Dwight came across as selfish the more and more this postseason progressed.

He had his flashes of greatness, moments that left you in awe. . . . But just like 1995, the Magic lost in the Finals, and I know I may not be popular for this opinion, but I put much of it on Howard. Unlike Howard, who never seems to put it on himself.