CLEARWATER, Fla. - Brett Myers made his much delayed rehab appearance for Class A Clearwater last night against Dunedin, injured eye and all.

Myers, who had right hip surgery on June 4, pitched one inning of relief in Clearwater's 1-0 win over Dunedin in the completion of a game suspended from Aug. 7. Myers allowed two hits and struck out three hitters looking.

"I had a few jitters because it was the first time out in a couple of months," said Myers, who was scheduled to pitch last Saturday but a freak accident delayed his appearance. "Everything felt good and the velocity was better than expected. Now I am just ready for the next one to start."

Myers fell early Saturday while getting out of the van he was riding in, striking the left side of his face and scraping the skin around the eye socket. He also had a few small scratches on his left hand where he attempted to catch himself.

Police backed Myers' contention that he did not injure his eye during an altercation that broke out at a pub/restaurant that night in Jacksonville, Fla.

Myers and his wife, Kim, were involved in a verbal dispute with other patrons after "inappropriate comments" were directed at Kim, according to police. But cops said Myers' friends interceded and the pitcher was not directly involved in an altercation.

"It was a freak accident, that is all I can really say about it," Myers said. "It's something you don't expect to happen and now you just try and be more cautious. Make sure your feet are under you before you take that next step."

Myers originally said he was injured playing catch with his 4-year-old son. He later changed his story and now regrets not leveling with the team.

"I kind of wish it hadn't happened because it stirred up more stuff than it should have," Myers said. "Next time I will tell it straight because I just felt embarrassed about a grown man falling out of a car."

The injuries Myers displayed on his left eye and left hand appear consistent with his description of the accident.

Myers doesn't think he would want to come back as the closer this season, as he was in 2007.

"No," Myers said. "This being my first outing out there, no. [Brad] Lidge is the closer, he was perfect last year and I know he is having his troubles this year, but we all have struggles. We have to stick with him because he is the man and I hope to get back there to bridge the gap to him."

As to when he will pitch next Myers said: "Whenever they want me I am ready to go. I'll throw tomorrow, the next day, whenever."