The head of the Eagles Youth Partnership has written a letter to donors in an effort to address concerns about the Eagles' signing of Michael Vick.

The letter is dated last Wednesday and was sent with a transcript of the comments owner Jeffrey Lurie made at Vick's introductory news conference. In the letter, EYP executive director Sarah Martinez-Helfman tries to separate the football decisions involving player moves from the work of the team's charitable organization. She described the decision to add Vick as a "complicated and personal issue for the Eagles."

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EYP was founded in June 1995. Among its most well-known programs are the Book Mobile and the Eye Mobile. (Among the organization's media partners are the Daily News and Inquirer.)

The letter also addresses the background information the team gathered before signing Vick, sentiments similar to those the Eagles wrote to suite-holders and premium ticketholders on the day Vick was introduced.

"Our impact on these children is made in the winter, spring, summer and fall, when the football team is on the field, and when they are off," Martinez-Helfman wrote. "Regardless of who became the Eagles' last draft pick, which trade the team made recently, or which player was cut, the Eagles Youth Partnership's mission is steady and unwavering . . .

"For now, we want to make sure you know that Eagles Youth Partnership is very sensitive to the issue and remains committed to providing the children of the Delaware Valley with eyeglasses, books, playgrounds and other programs that will help ensure that those youngsters will grow up to have every opportunity to fulfill their true potential."

The letter ends, "We also want you to know how much we have appreciated your support."