Even before a copy of yesterday's New York Post was brought to Yankee Stadium, Shane Victorino said he had seen the paper.

"I totally got a chuckle out of it," Victorino said.

The front-page headline reads: "GOTHAM TREMBLES, The Frillies are coming to town." The illustration is of Victorino, waist up in his Phillies gear, waist down in a cheerleader outfit.

"My legs look good, I think," Victorino said.

Victorino was due for some media attention anyway since the biggest hit of his career was that grand slam he hit in last year's first-round playoff game against Milwaukee - against CC Sabathia, now with the Yankees and tonight's Game 1 World Series starter.

"That's last year, that's last postseason," Victorino said. "You've got to throw that out the door. It doesn't matter. I could be 0 for 50 against the guy and get a hit. It doesn't matter. It's about focusing on Game 1."

Victorino said he didn't know why he was picked to be the Post's cover boy. Are his teammates maybe ribbing him a little?

"Of course they are," Victorino said. "Why wouldn't they? I would, if somebody else was wearing a skirt."

Brett Myers had one problem with the way his teammate was portrayed.

"I thought they made his legs look a little stronger than they are," Myers said.

"To me, it was a little funny," manager Charlie Manuel said. "You know, that might help him. That might help him a little bit."

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