NEW YORK - The Phillies have not yet decided whether to offer a contract extension to pitcher Cliff Lee this off-season, but they have discussed the possibility internally.

"Clearly, it's on our minds, but we haven't made a decision if we will yet," general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said. "Naturally you have to think about it, but we're more focused on him pitching in this series."

The club holds a $9 million option on Lee for 2010, after which the 31-year-old lefthander will become a free agent - unless he and the Phillies agree on an extension.

Since the Phils acquired Lee and outfielder Ben Francisco from Cleveland in July for a package of minor-league players, the pitcher has become the team's ace. During the regular season, he was 7-4, with a 3.39 earned run average with the Phils. In the postseason, he is 4-0, with a 1.56 ERA.

Variables for the team to consider: Lee's age, the Phils' already-high payroll, and the potential that Lee could seek a contract comparable to the seven year, $161 million deal the New York Yankees lavished on CC Sabathia last winter.

Victorino plays

Shane Victorino suffered a bruised finger on his right hand when he was hit by a pitch in Game 5, but he was in the lineup for Game 6 of the World Series tonight.

"Shane's fine," manager Charlie Manuel said. "I'll carry Shane out to center field, make sure he knows the directions. . . . His finger is fine. He's in the lineup. He's going to play. The swelling has gone down. He said he can hold a bat. He said he can grip the ball. That's what I took. That's what it is. If there's any problem, I'll take him out of the game."