BACK IN OCTOBER, former Phillies catcher Darren Daulton quipped he would "personally deliver" his Marlins World Series ring to a bidder willing to shell out the $56,000 that his pal Lenny Dykstra got for his Mets ring in an auction earlier this year.

But after the totals from the online auction of Daulton memorabilia were finalized, it appears Dutch can use his frequent flyer miles for another trip.

Daulton's ring sold for $11,025, paltry in comparison to Dykstra's profit. The total for all the memorabilia, which featured jerseys, bats, gloves and more, rang up at just over $22,000. The difference, is that Daulton is using the earnings "to give back," according to his publicist Ellen Barkann, who spoke to the Daily News on Daulton's behalf.

"With the money, he has decided to start the Darren Daulton Foundation," Barkann said. "The foundation will focus on helping smaller charities, the ones that sometimes get overlooked."

The process of obtaining a 501c3 permit and legalizing the foundation has already begun, and Barkann said Daulton will hold a Texas Hold'em poker tournament on Jan. 29 with the proceeds going to ARC of Philadelphia, which helps the disabled find jobs in the community.

"He has said all along that he wants to help people and that's what he's doing," Barkann said. "He has really done a tremendous job of making a comeback."

In October, when Daulton, 47, was in town signing autographs, making personal appearances and throwing out first pitches at Phillies postseason games, the word "comeback" was used numerous times to explain his return to the limelight.

Daulton's metaphysical beliefs and tell-all book, "If They Only Knew," cast a shadow on the former All-Star, with his notions about life forces and the apocalypse arriving in 2012 making him the butt of many jokes.

Time will only tell (no pun intended), but with the DDF, it appears this prodigal son may have found a way to bring himself back into the fold.

- Kerith Gabriel

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