ATLANTA - Any time somebody leaves the field because of any kind of a head injury, alarm bells now ring in the NFL. Yesterday, Eagles left tackle Jason Peters left the game early in the second quarter with what were described as head and shoulder problems following a cut block gone bad. Peters did not return. Naturally, the postgame questions began about a concussion.

Peters swears he does not have one.

"I just got banged," Peters said, after the Eagles' 34-7 win over the Falcons. "It wasn't a head injury. I was fine to go back in. I'm good."

The way coach Andy Reid described it, "He got dinged a little bit and we just took precautionary measures with it. He also hurt his shoulder a little bit on the same play . . . He bugged me the whole game to go back in."

Peters concurred.

"I wanted to go back in," he said. "I felt good. I've been playing hurt for a couple of weeks now. It's like, every play, something happens - somebody hit my ankle or somebody hit my knee. It was a bad deal. I wanted to go back in, but coach got me out."

No headaches?

"No, I'm fine," Peters said. "I'm fine. I was trying to go back in and they kept telling me to sit out, sit out . . . I landed on my shoulder wrong. It was on a cut block and I just landed on the turf wrong."

As the next wave of reporters began asking Peters the same questions, he began to withdraw. By about the fourth wave, he wasn't even acknowledging that he had a head.

"I'm fine," he said. "I'm going to play next Sunday . . . All the injuries go away when you win."