Even moving Cliff Lee's salary doesn't leave the Phillies with a huge windfall for the rest of the offseason. While it's true that they've subtracted $51.41 million from the payroll since the World Series ended, they've also added $47 million factoring in the built-in raises several key players will receive.

Factoring in the $6 million they'll reportedly receive from the Blue Jays as part of the Roy Halladay trade, they have $10.41 million to spend before they break even. That sounds like a lot, but raises for arbitration eligible players like Shane Victorino, Joe Blanton, Carlos Ruiz and Chad Durbin will account for most of it. And that's before the Phillies consider re-signing Chan Ho Park and/or Scott Eyre or dipping back into the free-agent market to add bullpen depth.


Off the Books

Brett Myers, $12,000,000

Cliff Lee (a), $9,000,000

Adam Eaton (b), $9,000,000

Geoff Jenkins (b), $8,000,000

Pedro Feliz (a), $5,000,000

Jim Thome (c), $3,000,000

Chan Ho Park, $2,500,000

Scott Eyre, $1,000,000

Eric Bruntlett, $800,000

Clay Condrey, $650,000

Chris Coste, $460,000

Total: $51,410,000

(a) 2010 base salary

(b) Includes buyout

(c) Final installment payment to White Sox

All other figures reflect 2009 base salaries

Added to the Payroll

Roy Halladay, $15,750,000

Placido Polanco (a), $5,500,000

Jayson Werth (b), $5,000,000

Raul Ibanez (b), $5,000,000

Ryan Howard (b), $4,000,000

Chase Utley (b), $4,000,000

Ryan Madson (b), $2,500,000

Cole Hamels (b), $2,300,000

Brian Schneider (a), $1,250,000

Juan Castro, $700,000

Total: $47,000,000

(a) Includes signing bonus

(b) Built-in raise

All other figures are 2010 base salary