Olney High senior Eric Barrow has been selected the winner of this week's Donovan McNabb/Daily News Award. He will attend Sunday's Eagles-49ers game at Lincoln Financial Field.

Barros played running back and linebacker for Olney. "Eric absolutely breathes/sweats/bleeds football inside and out," Olney assistant coach David DiEva said. "He organized, himself, offseason workouts for the underclassmen.

"The younger kids at school look up to Eric like a big brother to the point where they actually follow him around school."

Barrow has a 2.8 grade-point average and is taking honors English, the highest level of math and "his other courses are in the advanced level," DiEva said.

"During his lunch period, 'E' usually takes a few young guys to work out or even just chat about life," DiEva said. "I'm usually supervising this and each week we seem to be getting a lot more kids showing up.

"He demonstrates all qualities of a leader on the field and in the classroom. Eric absolutely loves football and is always mentoring whoever lets him. He is extremely dedicated to improving himself as a student-athlete every day."

McNabb picked up the award program this year after Brian Dawkins left for Denver in free agency. Last year, Dawkins gave his two tickets for home games to deserving players and McNabb is doing the same.

The winner will attend the game with an adult chaperone (it must be a parent, guardian or coach). Barrow will meet McNabb after the game and will receive two pregame sideline passes, courtesy of the Eagles.

The winners are chosen for exhibiting great effort on the field and in the classroom, as well as showing great character off the field. Nominees are submitted to the Daily News and the final selection is made by McNabb.

Date       Opponent       Athlete                         School                    Pos.
Aug. 27  Jacksonville    Tamaric Richardson     *Gratz                     G-DT
Sept. 20  New Orleans  Tom Bremme               Truman                   TE-DE-K
Sept. 27  Kansas City   Wyatt Benson               Haverford School    FB-LB
Oct. 11  Tampa Bay     Greg Richie                   West Philadelphia    LB-RB
Nov. 1   NY Giants      Tyrell Martin                  Frankford               RB-CB
Nov. 8   Dallas              Greg DiCocco               Radnor                   C-NG
Nov. 29  Washington    Chris Cusick                   Bishop Shanahan    E-TE
Dec. 20  San Francisco Eric Barrow                    Olney                     RB-LB
*Richardson plays at Gratz but attends Engineering & Science.