SO, WHEN Roy Halladay stepped to the podium and donned a uniform bearing No. 34 just a few short months after Cliff Lee performed so well in that number, we got to thinking about all the other prominent (and not-so prominent) Phillies who have worn those digits.

And, what the heck, we're always up for a good, old-fashioned quiz. So, with a lot of help from the people at . . .

1. Before Lee had it last season, he had been the most recent Phillie to wear No. 34. (4 points)

2. This slick-fielding shortstop was known more for the No. 7 he wore for most of his Phillies career, but he broke in with the club wearing No. 34. (1)

3. Another infielder, he played just two games as No. 34 as a Phil, then went on to wear No. 17 for 8 years. (2)

4. His brother owns one of baseball's most famous "unbreakable" records - just ask Jimmy Rollins or Chase Utley. (3)

5. This righthander signed as a free agent and then tossed a no-hitter in his sixth start as a Phillie. (2)

6. This player had 75 hits in one season in Philadelphia, but they helped contribute to the major league record for career hits by siblings. (4)

7. He is the only Phillie to win a NLCS MVP award while wearing No. 34. (1)

8. He wore No. 34 during one of his seasons as a player-manager for the Phillies. (5)

9. He was one of three players to wear No. 34 in 1934 (his only year with the Phillies), but he made his mark earlier in his career by setting the still-standing record for RBI (191) in a season. (2)

10. He was known as the Hit Man for a half-dozen years with the Pirates before he joined the Phillies for part of the 1987 season. (2)

11. This lefthander was 24-18 in 60 starts for the Phillies over the 1975-76 seasons. (3)

12. He is the only Phillie to wear No. 34 in a year in which they would win a World Series, although he appeared in just four games during the first month of the season. (5)

Answers: 1, Freddy Garcia. 2, Bobby Wine. 3, Terry Harmon. 4, Vince DiMaggio. 5, Kevin Millwood. 6, Lloyd Waner. 7, Gary Matthews. 8, Ben Chapman. 9, Hack Wilson. 10, Mike Easler. 11, Tom Underwood. 12, Scott Munninghoff.

- Bob Vetrone Jr.