Southern High's basketball accomplishments for the 2009-10 season will no longer include an impressive win Friday night over Life Center Academy (N.J.).

The reason? It's complicated.

Charles Sumter, the Public League hoops chairman, said last night that Southern was forced to forfeit for using a player who'd been suspended during school that day. He also said coach George Anderson was banned from coaching the Rams in yesterday's PL game, which turned out to be a 73-70 loss to University City.

"I know the fact that I used the player in that game gives the appearance I was undermining authority," Anderson said. "That wasn't how it was, but I know it doesn't look good at all. I didn't use sound judgment and had to take my lumps.

"Why'd I do it? Well, the player wasn't unjustly suspended. But at the same time, I felt he was a victim of circumstances."

Anderson said that the player is still under suspension and that the length has not yet been determined. The matter could be resolved as early as today.

-- Ted Silary