On the football field, two-time Pro Bowler Trent Cole has gained a reputation for chasing down quarterbacks.

But when the Eagles defensive end takes off his uniform, his passion is for stalking a different type of prey.

"It's a passion I have," Cole said of his desire for outdoor pursuits like hunting and fishing.

Cole is such an avid hunter and fisherman that this July he'll be debuting his own outdoor reality show on the Pursuit Channel on DIRECTV.

Cole is joining other outdoor enthusiasts, such as rocker/alpha male/meat eater Ted Nugent, on the Pursuit Channel, which offers shows like "Tooth, Fang & Claw TV," "Arrow Affliction" and "Average Joe's Huntin' Show."

"It's going to be hunting, fishing, all of that stuff," Cole said yesterday after the Eagles concluded voluntary offseason training. "It's going to be a great show.

"It'll be a chance for people to see what I do in the offseason. How my friends and I enjoy the things that we get to do in the outdoors."

Ah, it's not exactly going to be a show for disciples of PETA.

Cole is the owner/president of coleoutdoors.com, a Web site dedicated to his hunting endeavors with family and friends.

You can view photos of hunting excursions and purchase videos starring Cole called "Whitetail Blitz" and "Turkey Blitz."

They highlight things like shotgun and archery harvests, bow and crossbow kills and muzzle loaders.

Judging by one of the clips on the Web site, it's safe to say that, unlike quarterbacks, the whitetail deer and wild turkeys that are sacked don't get back up.

"I just enjoy the outdoors," said Cole, who was introduced to hunting by his stepfather and uncle while growing up Xenia, Ohio. "When I'm on the football field, I get to chase quarterbacks, but this is me getting to chase big game and small game. I get to do it on TV so everyone can see me.

"I'm taking the blitz outdoors."

Eagles fans don't have to worry because Cole, whose favorite trophy is a 13-point buck that hangs in his South Jersey home, only hunts during the offseason.

Cole often hunts with former teammates Lee Vickers and Sean Considine. There is no word yet if Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb, who is also an avid hunter, will make a guest appearance.

"I think people are going to see the real country boy come out of me," Cole said.