NASHVILLE - Watch out. Kenny Britt just scored again. The Eagles' coaches still have not made an adjustment, but they will. There is still time.

Or maybe not.

The Eagles never adjusted to Britt, and as a result, the Tennessee Titans ran them out of LP Field on Sunday, scoring 27 unanswered points to win, 37-19. It was a colossal fourth-quarter collapse that dropped the Eagles to a disappointing 4-3 heading into the bye week, with Indianapolis up next.

There is, however, one major adjustment that Andy Reid will make for the Colts game. It is not changing his defensive coordinator or his right cornerback - although the argument is building to do just that - but it could help the team discover how to decisively close a game, a skill they've sorely lacked in recent weeks.

Michael Vick will be back starting at quarterback on Nov. 7. Kevin Kolb will be on the bench. It is official. (Until it isn't. Just ask Reid.)

Part of the collateral damage from Sunday's loss was that Kolb was unable to regain the starting job he lost to Vick after Vick played so successfully while Kolb was on the bench with a concussion earlier this season. Maybe Kolb never had a chance to earn his job back. Maybe Reid was set on returning Vick to the lineup whenever Vick's sore ribs would allow it.

But making his third start in Vick's stead, Kolb didn't make a strong enough argument that he, not Vick, should be the guy. He couldn't get the ball into the end zone on three of four trips inside the red zone. The Eagles got to first and goal three times, but only once walked away with a touchdown. Once, they settled for a field goal. Once, they suffered a game-changing offensive breakdown when center Mike McGlynn missed his assignment and Kolb fumbled the exchange with LeSean McCoy.

If the Eagles had scored a touchdown there, they would have had a 23-7 lead with a quarter-and-a-half to play. Instead, the momentum shifted to the Titans, and the Eagles managed only a field goal the rest of the way.

After two straight games with a triple-digit passer rating, Kolb was 26 of 48 for 231 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions - the second of which was meaningless, except to pad the final score - to finish with a 56.9 rating.

Kolb spread the ball around to eight receivers, kept his cool when he started having problems with the speaker in his headset, and helped the Eagles build a 19-10 lead early in the fourth quarter.

But he couldn't stomp on the Titans' throat. The loss is not all on him, but imagine if the Eagles had won the game. They would have been 5-2, tied for the lead atop the NFC, with the meat of their schedule still to come, and Kolb would have been riding a three-game winning streak. You could have made an argument for keeping Kolb at the helm.

Not now.

Asked to evaluate Kolb's performance, Reid did not exactly hold back:

"It was up and down," Reid said. "He had some good plays, some phenomenal plays, and some I think he would like to have back, but when you're playing a good football team, you're going to have that."

There was an interesting scene in the locker room after the game. Kolb was waiting to go into the postgame interview room within earshot of Vick, who was talking to reporters about returning to his starting role. The emergency quarterback on Sunday, Vick said he was not sure how his ribs will feel with two more weeks of rest - "I won't know until I get hit whether I'm 100 percent of not," he said - but he is ready to find out.

"It's fun playing the game of football," Vick said. "When I got injured, I was in a groove, and you know everything happens for a reason. I'm excited to get back to playing. I love playing the game of football."

Vick deftly deflected a question about whether he could have made a difference in the game, but he talked about the importance of putting away an opponent when you have the opportunity.

"When you've got a team down, you've just got to close it out, and you have to do that offensively and defensively," Vick said. "It's not just one side. You've just got to put the game out of reach. If you don't, this is the NFL. Everybody's a professional, and you can always come back."

A few minutes later and a few steps away, Kolb was asked if it was disappointing to lose his starting job to Vick again.

"Sure it is," he said. "I enjoy playing out there, and I want to continue to play. You learn something every time. You feel like you read things a little faster every time, and that's what you want to continue to do. But, I'll say it again, I always trust [Reid]. I trust him now."

As for what his mental approach will be coming out of the bye week as the No. 2 quarterback, Kolb said: "That's a good question.

"I think the only thing I can do is keep my head up and understand and know and have the confidence that I can play this game, and I can win with this team," Kolb said. "That's just my mentality. Stay ready for when the time comes and make sure you keep your confidence up. That's what I'll try to do."

That might be easier said than done, kind of like trying to stop Kenny Britt from pulling in another catch. Look, he just did it again.