John Weber is like most folks around here. He woke up yesterday with a big smile, thrilled the Phillies were going to sign Cliff Lee.

Weber is the Phillies' vice president for sales and ticket operations. He is happier than most these days.

He has the hottest ticket in town.

"[Tuesday], we sold over 40,000 tickets through our six-game packs," Weber said. "That's the only way you can buy tickets right now. Our single-game tickets go on sale Feb. 17. We'll have tickets available then but maybe not the game that fans might be looking for. We will have very limited seating on Feb. 17."

The Phillies sold out all 81 home games last year and they were on track to do the same in 2011 before they signed Lee.

"There are three things working for us right now - Citizens Bank Park, our passionate fans and our team," Weber said. "People want to play in Philadelphia. It says something about our city and our fans."

Citizens Bank Park has a capacity of 43,651. The Phillies have 28,500 season tickets, all sold. There is a waiting list should any season tickets become available.

"Our six packs are very flexible," Weber said. "There are plenty of tickets available through the six packs. Fans can go in and pick the games they want.

"We are very, very fortunate. Our fans fell in love with this team the last 5 or 6 years. They fell in love with the homegrown talent and it keeps growing. Each year, it continues to amaze me."

The Delaware Valley agrees, happily. *