I EXPECT a sharper, cleaner effort from the Eagles this week, but it's hard to shake the aftereffects of last Sunday's defensive performance, particularly since the Eagles are facing a better offense this week than the one that torched them for 48 points.

Then there's the whole Dallas-playing-earlier-in-the-day deal. I know what Chip Kelly and the players are saying about not paying any attention to the Cowboys, about needing to win their game to get back on track, and so on. But I still wonder - I think a Dallas loss could really galvanize the Eagles for wrapping up the division, and a Dallas win could take some of the sizzle out of Sunday night. Keeping alive the possibility of grabbing the third seed instead of fourth seed is something to play for, but it isn't much. As noted in the accompanying story, there are scenarios that also could affect the Bears by Sunday evening.

All in all, unless Jay Cutler is a turnover machine, not sure I'm feeling it. Can't imagine the Eagles won't score points, they could even just run away and hide from the Bears, but . . .


Bears 34, Eagles 32 - Les Bowen