AS I WROTE in yesterday's Daily News, I don't think this game is that much about Tony Romo or Kyle Orton. It's about the Eagles, and somewhat about Nick Foles. There are lots of way the Cowboys can win - they have a prolific offense, they're playing at home, and their motivation, after losing playoff berths in the final week of the season the past 2 years, has to be off the charts.

Still, everything the Eagles have done this season comes down to this. If they lose, the Chip Kelly rebuilding project won't be scuttled, certainly, but the narrative Kelly and the Eagles have built in winning six of their last seven games just is not about losing in Dallas, with a chance to go to the playoffs hanging in the balance. It could happen, but I don't feel it.

I don't sense any overconfidence in the locker room. I don't see how LeSean McCoy doesn't dominate this Dallas defense. Kyle Orton, do your worst.

Prediction: Eagles 31, Cowboys 23

- Les Bowen