With success comes the inevitable mentioning of various assistant coaches as candidates for jobs around the league.

The two Eagles assistants who will likely draw attention around the league - and possibility at the collegiate level - are offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur and quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor.

Shurmur may never get another chance to be an NFL head coach after what happened in Cleveland, but working in Chip Kelly's offense could make him appealing to other teams looking for an offensive coordinator. Kelly calls the plays, too, so Shurmur may be willing to go elsewhere to have that authority.

"I'm working for the Eagles now," Shurmur said. "Any of those things that happen down the road, I'll worry about them when they happen."

Lazor has both NFL and college coaching experience before coming to the Eagles. He was the offensive coordinator at Virginia and would likely go back to college only to be a head coach. There should be a handful of coordinator openings in the NFL.

It had been seven games since Michael Vick last played. He missed the first three because of injury and then the next three after Kelly deemed Nick Foles the starter for the remainder of the season.

But Vick was inserted late into the Bears game after the Eagles were up, 47-11. Aside from two kneel-downs that ran out the clock, he played only one play. He handed off to Bryce Brown, who ran 65 yards for a touchdown.

"They must have really thought that I was going to run with the ball because I had two people playing me and it opened it up for Bryce," Vick said.

It was an inside zone-read play, but the read defender actually went for Brown instead of Vick. With the Cowboys expected to start backup Kyle Orton at quarterback after Tony Romo's back injury, Vick knows he's only an injury away from being called upon.

"In this league, you've got to stay ready because anything can happen," Vick said. "You'd hate to see anything happen to the starter. But if it does, it's your responsibility as the backup to be ready."

James Casey's playing time has increased in recent weeks and he played his most number of snaps (30) against the Bears. The Eagles often used him as a blocker on run downs, especially a split-zone play that had him going across the formation to seal off the edge rusher.

The tight end typically keeps the defender from crashing down on the running back if the quarterback is to read him.

"I think every team has a version of that play when they send somebody across the formation, because if defenses are in man coverage, it holds one of the guys because they have to stay over there," Casey said. "You're also trying to cut the defense in half, too, because if they don't close down fast enough, that obviously creates a lane there."