Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee said Tuesday that he will continue to work through the common flexor tendon tear that ended his season in 2014 after getting a second opinion from renowned orthopedist James Andrews.

The common flexor tendon is on the inner side of the elbow and is the major attachment for the muscles in the forearm and wrist. It helps control movement in the hand.

Injury can occur with overuse of both the muscles and the tendons. Conservative treatment is rehabilitation and rest, but more critical cases might need surgery.

According to Thomas Trojian of Drexel Sports Medicine, "Recovery usually is six to 12 weeks, but with muscle injury it could be longer. When muscles tear, they scar easily, which can lead to more muscle injury.

"If it is torn off the bone, then it can simply be reattached. But if the tear is closer to the hand, surgery does not do as well," he said.