DEAR ABBY: My divorce from "Vince" will be final in a few weeks. We have two sons together, and we communicate well. Since our breakup, my parents have continued their relationship with him.

They have confirmed that he will be invited to all holiday events. I am so upset about it that I now want nothing to do with them. Vince has his own family who have removed me from their lives. Are my feelings normal?

- Lost My Parents in the Divorce

DEAR LOST: As the father of your children, Vince will always be a part of your life, so my advice is to accept it graciously. Because Vince had a good relationship with your parents, I can understand why they would extend an invitation to the father of their grandchildren.

That said, your feelings are your feelings. As you move forward with your emotional life, I predict this will become less of an issue.

DEAR ABBY: I am a 50-year-old divorced man. I use an online dating service to meet women my age, but I'm extremely frustrated by the lack of courtesy.

Why is it so hard for a woman to simply write, "Thanks, but I'm not interested" after getting a note of inquiry? My photos are recent, I'm polite and I send thoughtful notes that show I have read their profiles carefully and think there's a chance we have something in common. I admit I'm not the handsomest man, but I hold a master's degree and I am financially stable.

I have sent a dozen notes over the last few months, and not one woman has been polite enough to respond. Any thoughts?

- Dateless in Dayton

DEAR DATELESS: Please don't let the lack of response make you quit putting yourself out there, because eventually

you're going to find someone if you keep trying. However, I would delicately point out to you that by not responding to your notes these women ARE sending you a message. It is possible that because the "chemistry" is wrong, they do not wish to get into a dialogue.